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E.g. my Linux PC doesn't have speakers but my friends Windows PC has the. I'm interested in working solutions not ideas. This will allow you to configure the windows PC as a "sound server", and configure your linux to output to that sound server.

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sound - How to record output to speakers? - Ask Ubuntu Now You Should see ALSA plug-in [audacity]. If you do not see ALSA plug-in [audacity], make sure you have clicked Record Button in audacity. You should be running recording in audacity while performing next step. Select "Monitor from *". See screen shot. Now you should be able to record the sound you hear from speaker or headphones. How to Record Audio on a PC (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Record Audio on a PC. This wikiHow teaches you how to record both internal and external sound on your Windows computer. You can use a free app like ... 8 Best Screen Recorders for Desktop Screen Recording in Linux I always use acethinker screen recorder to make screencast on my Linux desktop, It is a web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. free and simple to use, you might add it to your list. pulseaudio - How to record any internal sound in and out ...

How to Record Linux Terminal Using script Command The script command stores terminal activities in a log file that can be named by a user, when a name is not provided by a user, the default file name, typescript is used.